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ROTOCON introduces ECOLINE Pro Mount platemounter and ECOLINE Pro Clean anilox roller cleaner

The latest additions to the ECOLINE range are the Pro Mount platemounter and Pro Clean anilox roller cleaner.

Plate mounter

The ECOLINE Pro Mount platemounter is an entry-level machine designed to tick three boxes: price ratio, ease of operation, plus maximum precision and highly repeatable accuracy for operators manually mounting printing plates.

The 650-line camera reaches a 70 times amplification ratio – presenting clear, bright images that substantially improve plate mounting precision – via a 482.6mm high-resolution display screen.

Pro Clean

The ultrasonic ECOLINE Pro Clean anilox roller cleaner efficiently and quickly removes all types of inks and dirt from any line count anilox cells. It’s equipped with a roller swivelling wheel and constant temperature heating system, which reduces any ‘hot spots’ in the liquid that can create high intensity power levels and potentially damage components.

Ultrasonic cleaning converts electric energy into kinetic energy, without generating dust and sewage, making it a more environmentally-friendly method that requires a cleaning fluid for easier dirt removal from micro holes.

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